Q & A with FloridaSharkman

Q: How long did it take to eradicate your illnesses? I’m coming to a realization it may be a lifelong exercise.

A: 1 year asymptomatic for most part, did have rashes each month for day or 2 , encysted , i had lots , but i took moxi monthly for that time frame and fenben once a month when rash started for 5 days , then amazingly all my gut issues healed i could eat spicy food again, so 2 years from 1 foot in grave and 1 on banana peel to fully healthy.

Q: Mold in my home. Sick again…

A: fenben and flucanozole rotated in sequence for fungi

Q: What did you have?

A: strongyloides hyperinfection syndrome has a mortality rate of 87%.

I had above with mrsa and ecoli sepsis which mayo gave me less than 10 percent chance, I didn’t go, got treated by veterinarian and awesome dr. that listened to my mom, so I can joke about my past, but like to bring this up, reason why I do this.

Q: would you have any idea how you may have gotten this parasite in your system that caused you to have strongyloides hyperinfection syndrome?


I picked up worm somewhere in Florida is my assumption, barefoot at beach maybe, I do utility work always playing in swamp, bit by thousands of bugs etc etc , steroids prescribed by drs would resolve symptoms temporarily but it always came back with vengeance, then they upped steroid dose , same thing , until i was shitting blood anemia jaundice mrsa and ecoli settled in , drs of death were treating me for crohn’s ibd and colitis , thats when my mom demanded she examine me and wife said go