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Lyme and Chronic Brain Diseases

Lyme causing chronic brain disease. It’s not failure of antibiotic. Coinfections are responsible. The need for a protocol that targets all aspects of numerous parasitic diseases should be a first line of defense. Treat the cause!

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Gut Flora

No , wormers don’t impact gut flora , doxy does a little , but pulsing doxy 2 weeks on 2 off don’t destroy good bacteria , doxy is easiest on gut flora out of antibiotics in my research , and is most broad spectrum antibiotic ever invented in my opinion.

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Antibiotic Shortage

Emerging Antibiotic Shortage Could Have Deadly Consequences

Emerging Antibiotic Shortage could have deadly consequences.

Antibiotics Doxycycline Medicines Osteomyelitis


…that’s not a fungal infection , it’s a bacterial infection , Antibiotic therapy for hematogenous osteomyelitis should be pathogen-directed, … Doxycycline is far safer than its precursor antibiotic.

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Antibiotics and Probiotics

When prescribing antibiotics, pair with probiotics.

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Combining Antibiotics with Vitamin C

Combining antibiotics with vitamin C destroys cancer stem cells.