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Doxycycline, an Inhibitor of Mitochondrial Biogenesis, Effectively Reduces Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs) in Early Breast Cancer Patients

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Doxycycline Induces Apoptosis in PANC-1 Pancreatic Cancer Cells,apoptosis%20in%20PANC%2D1%20cells

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pulsing eliminated resistance

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FloridaSharkMan Banned

Here is a link to some of FloridaSharkman’s tweets before he was banned

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Hi #WormholeWarriors Thoughts on replacing doxycycline with minocyline for someone battling scleroderma? The AP for that autoimmune typically prescribes mino. Can those two be swapped out while maintaining the integrity of @FloridaSharkman ‘s protocol?

yes same class of meds minocycline and doxy are very similar and both derived from same family of streptomyces

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Doxycycline inhibits electric field-induced migration of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cells

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I threw up doxycycline first few times i took it , i had double sepsis along with a disseminated hyperinfection with strongyloides , i had to split pills in half and take every 6 hours , so was i allergic or was it working on infection , i’d be dead without using doxy , it saved my life , i still take doxy in summer during height of mosquito season as prophylactic for malaria

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Gut Flora

No , wormers don’t impact gut flora , doxy does a little , but pulsing doxy 2 weeks on 2 off don’t destroy good bacteria , doxy is easiest on gut flora out of antibiotics in my research , and is most broad spectrum antibiotic ever invented in my opinion.

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Doxycycline Is a Cost-effective Therapy for Hospitalized Patients With Community-Acquired Pneumonia

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Loss of smell and taste

The rapid recovery of loss of smell and taste with doxycycline in COVID-19