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Yeast Infections in Women and Girls

Q: What is the best oral medication for yeast infection in girls and women? Would that be Fenbendazole? Its for my 6 year old granddaughter.

A: Yes, I’ll share something that my wife shares with everyone female, my mom shared with wife, fenben horse paste instead of vagisil etc etc, it has nozzle, I am a guy so you know what I’m referring to, usually one day and done but many use second day, can also be used topically around area, many women get this after taking antibiotics like amoxicillin zpak sulphur meds penicillins etc, you can’t overuse product this way as fenben doesn’t absorb thru skin, can do this as needed and as much as needed, instant relief is felt so I’m told, wife daughter etc all use this product, 1 tube is usually more than enough.