Diseases Heart Parasites

Parasites of the Heart

Valentines messages.

Diseases Parasites Skin

Parasitic Skin Diseases

Epidermal parasitic skin diseases (EPSD) are a heterogeneous category of infectious diseases in which parasite–host interactions are confined to the upper layer of the skin. The six major EPSD are scabies, pediculosis (capitis, corporis and pubis), tungiasis and hookworm-related cutaneous larva migrans.

Colitis Diseases IBD Parasites Strongyloids

IBD, Colitis

Colitis due to Strongyloides infection can resemble ulcerative colitis.



What’s been bugging you, Chemosensory behaviors of parasites.

Many multicellular parasites seek out hosts by following trails of host-emitted chemicals. Host seeking is characteristic of endoparasites such as parasitic worms as well as ectoparasites such as mosquitoes and ticks. Many of these parasites use carbon dioxide (CO2), a respiration byproduct, in combination with host-specific chemicals for host location. Recent work has begun to elucidate the behavioral responses of parasites to CO2 and other host chemicals, and to unravel the mechanisms of these responses. Here we discuss recent findings that have greatly advanced our understanding of the chemosensory behaviors of host-seeking parasites. We focus primarily on well-studied parasites such as nematodes and insects, while also noting broadly relevant findings in a few less well-studied parasites.

Clindamycin Medicines Parasites Toxoplasma gondii

Clindamycin & T-Gondii

Parasiticidal effect of clindamycin on Toxoplasma gondii grown in cultured cells and selection of a drug-resistant mutant

Brain Diseases Lyme Parasites

Lyme, Parasites, Brain

Here’s a perfect example of antibiotic failure with lyme disease , coinfections are responsible not the antibiotics.

Lyme Bacteria Hides Inside Parasitic Worms, Causing Chronic Brain Diseases

Diseases Doxycycline Malaria Medicines Mosquito Parasites Strongyloids

Doxycycline, Malaria

I threw up doxycycline first few times i took it , i had double sepsis along with a disseminated hyperinfection with strongyloides , i had to split pills in half and take every 6 hours , so was i allergic or was it working on infection , i’d be dead without using doxy , it saved my life , i still take doxy in summer during height of mosquito season as prophylactic for malaria

Diseases IBD Lupus Parasites Strongyloids

Strongyloid & IBS/IBD & Lupus

Many cases of strongyloidiasis are mistaken for pneumonia,32 inflammatory bowel disease33 or systemic lupus erythematous.

Strongyloides stercoralis hyperinfection: a dreaded but still missed diagnosis

Albendazole Antibiotics Diseases Doxycycline Fenbendazole Fish Biotic Gut Flora Medicines Moxidectin Oxfendazole Parasites Probiotics Protocol

Gut Flora

No , wormers don’t impact gut flora , doxy does a little , but pulsing doxy 2 weeks on 2 off don’t destroy good bacteria , doxy is easiest on gut flora out of antibiotics in my research , and is most broad spectrum antibiotic ever invented in my opinion.

Diseases Gastric Gastritis gastrointestinal Parasites

Parasitic gastritis

Protocol b covers h pylori , but other gram negative bacteria can be cause , along with other parasites