Diseases Liver Protocol Sepsis

Liver Issues

protocol b is suggestion but use 40 mg per kg instead of 50 mg per kg to start , or can start with antiviral protocol , but regardless of meds infection in liver gets fixed or gets worse , if not treated in time nothing can fix liver and we only have one

Diseases Infections Liver Sepsis


The liver is often involved in systemic infections, resulting in various types of abnormal liver function test results. In particular, hyperbilirubinemia in the range of 2-10 mg/dL is often seen in patients with sepsis.

Antibiotics Brain Diseases Lyme Medicines

Lyme and Chronic Brain Diseases

Lyme causing chronic brain disease. It’s not failure of antibiotic. Coinfections are responsible. The need for a protocol that targets all aspects of numerous parasitic diseases should be a first line of defense. Treat the cause!

Diseases Ivermectin Lung Medicines

Ivermectin & Lung Cancer

In addition, IVM could reduce the metastasis of lung cancer cells by inhibiting EMT

Diseases Fluoride


Diseases Thyroid


Viral infections are frequently cited as a major environmental factor involved in subacute thyroiditis and autoimmune thyroid diseases

Diseases Lyme

Lyme Diseases

ivermectin is an antibiotic too , it also targets coinfections ticks carry , it does not target some coinfections and fenbendazole is another great med , i have a well written lyme protocol works great for chronic lyme which is coinfections and some coinfections are deadly

Diabetes Diseases Viruses


How a Virus Can Trigger Diabetes

Berberine Cholesterol Diabetes Diseases Heart Ivermectin Medicines Supplements

Type 1 vs Type 2 Diabetes

So why wouldn’t these two (Berberine, IVM) help with Type 1? I realize Type 2 people still have natural insulin on board, but I’m wondering if the Berberine and IVM might provide better utilization of injected insulin?

Acne Diseases Ivermectin Medicines

Ivermectin Cream and Acne

1% ivermectin cream. You can make your own too. Mix Bimectin horse IVM paste using a 50lb dose, mix with 3 parts of bacitracin or oil of your choice. This is the max dose per day if you are currently taking IVM internally. If not, you can use more.