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TwitterSpaces Notes

Blood and Tissue based diseases.


For blood based diseases such as Leukemia (leukemia that starts in either myeloid or lymphoid cells), rosacea, lice, hook worms, trichiasis, etc. Ivermectin is also an antiviral and will target encephalitis.

These would benefit from the Anti Viral Protocol to start.


For tissue based diseases such as lung, stomach, intestinal, etc. Fenbendazole has antiviral properties as well. Fenbendazole targets different stages of parasites; first adult through 4th stage larva.


Is in the same class as Fenbendazole, will target the juveniles and encysted parasites.


Is in the same avermectin class. It has a 22 day life cycle, which means half of it is still in system after 22 days. It targets every stage including encysted parasites

All four of these medications regulate P21 and P53, which play a roll in apoptosis (cell death). That cell death doesn’t occur when you have cancer. These medications promote the p21 & p53 receptors to cause apoptosis function.

IVM vs HCQ and Doxy:

HCQ is primarily for malaria plasmodium parasites whereas IVM targets broad spectrum parasites. Doxycycline will kill single cell parasites and it’s antibacterial properties will kill malaria too.