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Silver NanoParticles (AGNP)

Dug into some research. Here are several I found before that make for interesting arguments about the power of AGNP

Bacteria Cancer Diseases Parasites Viruses

Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites and Caner

Infections with viruses, bacteria and parasites have been recognized for years to be associated with human carcinogenicity.

Antibiotics Bacteria Diseases Medicines

Antibiotic Shortage

Emerging Antibiotic Shortage Could Have Deadly Consequences

Emerging Antibiotic Shortage could have deadly consequences.

Bacteria Bile Duct Covid Diseases Hepatitis Viruses

Covid and Biliary Infections

Viral Infections of the Biliary Tract.

Bacteria Diseases gastrointestinal Viruses

Bacterial and Viral Co-Infection

Bacterial and Viral Co-Infection in the Intestine: Competition Scenario and Their Effect on Host Immunity

Bacteria Diseases

Proteus Infections

Proteus species are part of the Enterobacteriaceae family of gram-negative bacilli. The first isolates were reported and characterized by Hauser in the late 19th century.

Bacteria Diseases Parasites Viruses

Viruses, Germs, Parasites

Germ theory, let’s entertain that, so what should we call viruses, what are germs, seriously, a virus is a germ, so is bacteria, fungi and protozoa, protozoas are microscopic jellyfish, a parasite, bacteria and viruses are obligate parasites, i’ll debate anyone, set it up, credibility is something earned thru facts not conjecture, show me facts!

Bacteria Diseases Viruses

Viruses and Bacteria

Low air and humidity.

Bacteria Cancer Diseases


Bacterial infection as a cause of cancer.

Bacteria Diseases H Pylori

H Pylori

Protocol b is fine for h pylori , must use doxy for h pylori with protocol b.