Pets Q&A


This section is dedicated to our furry friends/companions.

We typically administer Heartgard (ivermectin/pyrantel) to our pets once a month. It is a monthly heartworm disease prevention. It is prescribed after doing a blood test to ensure there is not an existing infection.

You can use ivermectin horse paste as all species seem to take same ivermectin dose as it works in the blood stream and not the stomach. You dial the animal’s weight (you can go to 50% more and still be within range of .2 – .3 mg per kg). You administer it once a month. A tube will last a year for smaller dogs at a much reduced cost at about $10.

If you want to treat your pet with Fenbendazole, you can use the liquid fenbendazole at 50-100 mg per kg. Typically for 5 consecutive days once a month or every other month for 3 or 4 courses. Those courses are typically during the summer months.

Another tool in the shed is Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. It is deadly to parasites but does not endanger people, animals or plants. It is a safe and non-toxic substance made up of fossils of freshwater organisms and marine life. It is a 100% natural dewormer and is FDA and EPA approved… parasites have not been known to develop an immunity to DE’s physical action while with chemically produced products, parasites usually develop an immunity over time.

So, how does DE kill parasites? They kill by puncturing the exoskeleton (like other bugs) by disrupting their soft waxy shell structure and chewing up their digestive organs and causing death by dehydration.

As more fun facts are learned, we will keep posting them here.