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Mrs Sharkman has been a type 2 diabetic for several years , she’s 57 , only got worse under Drs care , more meds , stronger meds , etc ,convinced mrs to try something new , she started with anti viral protocol with low dose doxy , this started to control her spikes and eventually no spikes , after the 2 months of anti viral protocol blood sugar averaged 200 with no spikes , down from 250 avg with spikes to 300 , this was after drs increased meds to jenumet trulicity, she started with just metformin and a statin , of course the meds were increased to stronger meds , more expensive meds etc , so after seeing positive results on ivermectin and low dose doxy , i finally convinced her to go all in and try berberine , she also dropped her statin and trulicity , and only 1 jenumet instead of 2 , well her blood sugar dropped 10 points or more each week , after 5weeks of berberine her blood sugar is 110-140 depending if test is b4 or after food, never been this low ever on meds not even close , she also stopped jenumet last week , had blood test last week and drs visit yesterday for results , best numbers she ever had since she turned diabetic , Dr asked what she been doing , she told him she was taking 2000 mg of berberine with ceylon and dropped all her script meds by him , he said that is awesome , he asked why did u try berberine , she basically said after seeing tons of research mr sharkman did why not, Dr was so glad to hear her success , ordered her a phone app with patch so she doesn’t have to prick finger for blood 2 or 3 times a day , cancelled all her script meds and told her she can take up to 2500 mg of berberine a day , didn’t want to see her for 6 months , she also lost 10 pounds on berberine in 5 weeks , no change in diet , and celebrated last night with cheesecake after dinner.

sorry story was so long but it’s been a several month work in progress , mrs still takes ivm every other day with berberine with ceylon , and is now taking 2400 mg a day berberine which has 100 mg of ceylon