Diatomaceous Earth Medicines MesoSilver Protocol Psyllium Husk

How to take DE, PF and Mesosilver

I mixed the PF with the DE in about 1 cup of water; mix it quickly and drink it fast. Easy to get down that way. I follow that w/about 8 oz or more of water. I do that about 2-3 hours after dinner. Follow that with big spoon of coconut oil, allowing it to melt before swallowing.

The AGNP (Mesosilver) after brushing teeth right before bed. Swish it around for the dental benefit (h/t TQ).

This works for me

Diatomaceous Earth Protocol Psyllium Husk

How to take DE, PF and Mino

What I do:
DE – stir in small glass of water and chug
PF – mix well with 1.25 cups apple or Cherry juice
MinO – drink straight, then a chaser

Diatomaceous Earth Parasites Protocol

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth Protocol

Diatomaceous Earth

Here is a good place to start with Diatomaceous Earth.